Dreaming you

Still now, i wake up and don’t really know where i am, where i should be.

I close my eyes and deep inside i can reach you, and even touch you

Feel you fully, lovely, like a child loves her mum, like the sun loves the moon.


Sometimes, when cold weather comes into my heart, I live dreaming you, remembering

you, your secrets, you treasures. It’s not easy to explain what I actually feel…It is like

nostalgia but, then, you shake my spirit and I revive.

I’m not blind ‘cause thinking about you keeps me alive,

you turn me mad and going back to you is now what feeds my mind.


I need you,

your taste,

your breathe,

your tact,

your light,

your seas,

your skies at night,

your peace,

your language,

your dawns in calmness, ,

your everything with me, ,

here, standing by.